• Get actual SOLD prices for homes in your neighbourhood!
    Get actual SOLD prices for homes in your neighbourhood!
    Get the info for FREE, and no need to call.

Actual SOLD prices are not typically available to the public - but in a few moments, you can get this info for FREE...sent directly to your email No need to call anyone, or schedule a meeting at your home.


Simply select the type of home, number of beds, baths and more. What really makes it valuable is that YOU pick the specific neighbourhood so you get the info that matters MOST to YOU.


This info is created in real-time with up to minute listings, solds and stats.

Your are in control

You get to decide what you want in your report. It is a personal report created just for you by you. Your report is created at that moment with the most current MLS data available. The stats presented are also unique to your criteria, not some blanket data you can find anywhere.

Includes recent sales

What matters most is what homes are currently selling for. Your Market Insight report will include sales from the past 90 days. Knowing what homes may be worth allows you to prepare your expectations when pricing your home or choosing a new home.

Stay up to date

Every fifteen days your report will prompt you to request an updated version. Allowing you to be on top of any changes, new listings or sales. Timing is everything, and having the most current data in your hands gives you an advantage.

Knowing market conditions should be easy

Knowing what is happening in the real estate market can be a challenge for a consumer. But not anymore. With Market Insight, you decide what you want to know when you want to know it.


I'll be here to help you understand the report if you'd like. Otherwise, you get the reports right to your inbox in minutes. No obligation, no hoops to jump through, no expectations.


Just a timely market report that matters to you.

Market reports that matter to you